Reply To: Warren Court Decision


I would say that the SCOTUS’s power gradually increased since its creation after the ratification of the Constituion. The were certain cases in which John Marshall overturned a state law, believe it was Chisolm vs. Georgia, so these types of cases were not strictly limited to the Warren Court, but I would say that the Warren Court played a large role in the increasing the power of the SCOTUS. To be truthful, it was not necessarily an increase in power but more so the Court failing to make decisions with any constitutional basis. Brown vs. Board is a good example. Dr. Gutzman has a lesson in the Constitutional History course devoted most of it time to the Warren Court, and he will be able to answer this question much better than I. If you are interested, I wrote some articles while I was working at the Nixon Presidential Library on the Supreme Court, and I mention some of the big Warren Cases. If I can find the link I will post it for you.