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What every libertarian needs to know to articulate the free-market point of view to unsympathetic audiences

Each month, for less than the price of a movie ticket, Liberty Classroom gives you access to stimulating, though-provoking lectures and discussions on the key ideas of libertarianism, capitalism, and free-market economics.

Our vast library of audio and video classes includes 30 lectures on conservatism and libertarianism … 59 lectures on the history of political thought … 31 lectures on what’s wrong with textbook economics 20 lectures on logic … and much more – hundreds in all.

Listen and get your libertarian education while you mow the lawn, do household chores, or drive to work. Liberty Classroom can turn wasted or idle time into a fun, entertaining, and valuable learning experience you will treasure for life!


Lectures range from 30 to 55 minutes. Each one is available as an mp3 audio file you can download to your iPod or iPad, or — even easier — listen to via our Liberty Classroom app (for iPhone and Android)!


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In addition to the dozens of audio and video lectures, Liberty Classroom also provides recommended reading lists that take the guesswork out of your reading choices when you want to explore topics more in depth.

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Or what if you’re cornered and don’t know how to answer a socialist argument you’ve never heard before? Then ask our faculty for the answer directly – either in our Q&A forums, available at all times, or in one of our monthly live sessions, in which our faculty appear on your screen and take your question in real time.

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Plus, your membership privileges are not restricted to you alone. Liberty Classroom can give your children a head start in understanding the principles and politics of freedom and free enterprise – and teach them things they won’t learn in high school or college.

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Murry Rothbard

Why Murray Rothbard says every government service should be privatized like all other goods and free-market analysis applied across the board.

Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig von Mises on why recessions aren’t just causeless, spontaneous occurrences and are not the result of so-called “contradictions of capitalism.” They’re caused by tinkering with the free market, and particularly by pushing interest rates lower than the market wants to set them – like they are right now.


Frederic Bastiat

Why Frederic Bastiat believes the market economy is a place of harmony, not struggle or conflict, and that in a free market, people specialize in that area in which they are best able to serve others.

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