Celebrate With a Free Copy of Nullification

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It was 215 years ago this month that the Kentucky legislature approved the legendary Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, spelling out the Jeffersonian remedy of state nullification of unconstitutional federal laws. In honor of that, we’re giving away signed, personalized copies of my book Nullification to people who join LibertyClassroom.com in the coming days!

Liberty Classroom is where you can learn the economics and history most of us didn’t get in school, but should have, taught by professors you can trust. Everything comes in both video and audio, according to your preference, and can be viewed or listened to on the go. Plus, you get a year’s access to our Q&A forums, in addition to recommended readings for all topics covered, and a monthly live session at which you can get your questions answered in real time.

One subscription gets you all these courses (with more to come):

US History to 1877

US History Since 1877

Introduction to Logic

Austrian Economics: Step by Step

John Maynard Keynes: His System and Its Fallacies

Western Civilization to 1500

Western Civilization Since 1500

US Constitutional History

To get your free book, join us today, then drop us a note with your mailing address. And you’re done! But this offer lasts only as long as our supply does. Once we have to order more copies, it’s all over….

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