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    Yesterday I did some checking on some of the facts. I am in shock. The book claims that the ice sheets in Antarctica, Greenland, North Pole, and mountain glaciers are still growing. Based on the research I did yesterday it’s all true. These glaciers have all been growing for over a decade. Apparently the global warming people badgered the federal government to measure these glaciers from a satellite for several decades, and they did. But all the measurements show that all the ice is growing. There are a few isolated sections of Antarctica and Greenland where there was some temporary melting, and these isolated events are what the global warming people use in their scientific papers. If anyone does a peer review and mentions this, they are banned from any more research money, and their comments are squashed.
    I also did a google search on “Medieval Warm Period polar ice cap”. I remembered reading about 15 years ago that the ice cap was much smaller during this period from 800-1300 AD. I found a lot of studies done by Canadians, Scandinavians, and Russians that confirms this without a doubt. The Canadians found many whale bones under the ice. They dated the bones. They estimate that there was an ice-free passage, north of Canada, between the Atlantic and Pacific, for 720 out of the past 3000 years, during both the Medieval and Rome Warm Periods. This information is covered up by the global warming people. The Canadians, Scandinavians and Russians don’t buy into Global warming due to greenhouse gasses. It’s only Americans and Continental Europeans that believe in it.
    There is a high amount of correlation between solar intensity and earth temperatures, but the global warming people lobby the government not to study this because they know it is the real answer.
    This information is all a slam dunk against global warming and the information is all out there, but it isn’t being reported by the mainstream media. Fox news takes a stand against global warming, but their arguments are so dumb that I think they are purposely confusing us. The Republican Party also seems to be in favor of global warming. Their last presidential candidate was.
    This is the biggest cover-up since the Warren Commission.

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    I’m not a historian and have not read history nearly as extensively as most people in this forum, but I thought the Herbert Hoover book “Freedom Betrayed” was excellent. Hoover is one of my least favorite presidents, but he was suspicious of FDR’s motives in regards to WWII from day 1. This book changed my opinion of FDR. Prior to reading this book, I thought FDR was a communist sympathizer. After reading the book, there is no doubt that FDR was a communist.

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