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    Hi osgood401, thanks for that link to Professor Bob Murphy article at That answered a lot of questions I have about debt free money and how our banking system actually works.

    You brought up some very interesting questions about implementing a debt free money system. I hope that one of the Professors here can help answering those questions.

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    Professor Gutzman, excellent article! I hope that maybe there will be more lectures on the War for Southern Independence in the near future. I always wondered why they couldn’t come up with some type of compromise to keep from going to war that killed so many people. If they avoided going to war before over the tariff issue why couldn’t they this time?

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    Thank you for the answer Professor McClanahan.

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    Professor Gutzman, so those slaves were freed
    on January 1, 1863 but slaves in Southern states like Maryland etc that didn’t secede still had slaves until the end of war in 1865?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)