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    I can’t answer your question, but to clarify for you: the diagonal saltire in the Union Jack is St. Andrew’s Cross.

    The Union Flag of the United Kingdom is a combination of the Cross of St. George, representing England and Wales, and the Cross of St. Andrew, representing Scotland. Later, the red saltire was incorporated for the Cross of St. Patrick, representing Ireland.

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    I’ve been recommended David McCullough’s John Adams as a popular approach and enjoyable reading regarding the life of the second president. Any opinions on this book?

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    Thank you, gentlemen. Book list updated accordingly.

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    Thank you for your replies.

    Are there any suggestions for a good book-length biography on John Dickinson?

    And which to choose out of the many Jefferson biographies available?

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    Thank you for the detailed reply, sir!

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    Same goes for The Jefferson and Madison Administrations at 52:07.

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    Thank you, Dr. Woods. Please don’t apologize: you’re very busy, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to present questions in the first place.

    I’ll have to add that one to the stack. Looks fairly hefty… that may have to be my vacation reading material. Any suggestions for books with a countervailing view that can be used to compare and contrast to Conceived in Liberty?

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    Good morning. It’s a pleasure to meet fellow scholars on the road to liberty and enlightenment. I’d like to express my gratitude to Dr. Woods and the Liberty Classroom cadre for the opportunity they have so graciously provided.

    My name is Sam, and I’m native to the great state of Delaware, where my wife and I currently reside. I’m a former soldier and current executive in a family enterprise, a saddlery company. I’ve chosen to forgo higher education, so in my free time I work to improve myself through the study of history, economics, philosophy, literature and the natural world. While I enjoy intellectual pursuit in itself, the ultimate goal of my studies, whether by influence or direct participation, is to direct government and political understanding towards a free and just society.

    I look forward to learning and conversing together in the coming months.

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