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    Hi Kevin,
    thanks for your response. Your situation sounds pretty much the same. Is the overall taxburden in CT higher than in TX and ID? I find it very interesting and extremely counterintuitive. There’s gotta be an Austrian explanation for that, right?

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    Hi Kevin. It’s not true. Danes use the Danish Kroner. The introduction of the Euro was prevented in a referendum in 2000. That’s why I have to exchange money when I travel between the two countries 😉

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    Of course, Bell’s views are by no means anything new. But whatever the church fathers’ position may be, that doesn’t tell us anything about the apostles’ views. It only tells us, how certain church fathers dealt with what the apostles have left behind. This is kind of an inside quarrel about the relationship between scripture and tradition. Of course I ultimately agree that samgheb has to get involved in all the things you’ve mentioned. Just from (inter-)personal experience I nevertheless find debates immensely useful for people who have a strong intellectual drive. Read the Bible learn how to read it on it’s own terms, and don’t give up before your questions get answered! There’s lots of help available.

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    I second Mere Christianity by Lewis. I’d caution against Rob Bell’s books. He is what would be considered to be outside of mainstream, historical Christianity.

    I’d add “Has Science Buried God” by John Lennox, where he argues against Dawkins.

    This one’s also pretty interesting and quite entertaining:

    You can find lots of interesting things on youtube by searching “christopher hitchens wilson”
    Other Christian debaters of whom you can find good material on youtube or through an internetsearch are Greg Bahnsen and James White

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