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    Thanks Kevin
    I am glad you are as clueless (but more well read) as I am on these matters!
    Love all the lectures. I am almost done with the American Revolution.
    What’s next?

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    I recently saw a talk by William Marvel in a book store-He’s probably the only other Lincoln biographer than Tom Delorenzo who openly criticizes Lincoln. He noted that the people of New Hampshire did not like the Emancipation Proclamation as it was heavy handed and of course the draft did not go over well and there was a small draft riot in Portsmouth

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    The book store section of the Mises.org site is a good starting point.
    Perhaps we can assign topics and ask people to recommend books on the topics with short explanations as to why the books should be considered.
    Tom could add amazon affiliate links and make a little money from the sales.
    Or they could be bought from Mises.org

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