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It is hard to imagine Wilson and FDR not taking up the 1 and 2 ranking for the worst presidents in history when count the people killed by their policies and the levels of destabilization of the world.

Without the creation of a central bank and a system of lending to the combatants during world war one, the war would have likely ended after just 6 months as the European participants had ran to the ends of their gold supplies. Extending the war across the globe for so many years not only lead to terrible numbers of deaths but brought about further destabilization in a cascading butterfly effect. The Germans sent Lenin in a train car to Russia so as to weaken Russia and it lead to the Marxist infection across the globe. The British inviting Japan into China to help them, further wrecked China’s already fragile circumstances during the 20s and into world war 2 when the branch of the militarists favoring Nanshin-ron took over Japan in a coup. The militarists in Japan and Germany (via the creation of the Soviet Union via helping Lenin) helped bring about Mao.

The creation of a central bank lead to excessive money printing which preceded the great depression, a depression which needed an inept FDR to widen the negative effects of the policy seeds created by Wilson. This world wide destabilization lead Hitler, who was barely polling in the 2-3% range prior, to gain enough votes to become co-chancellor. Contrary to popular opinion, the majority of the German public never fully supported Hitler. With the death of Hindenburg the Nazi party was able to use the Reichstag fire as an excuse to suspend what tiny protections there were from government at that time. In March 1933 Dachau was established and all opposition was funneled into a vast array of concentration camps. A manufactured consent of horror was established.

All of this was accomplished by the twin hydra of Wilson and FDR. The consequences reaching everywhere with nearly every major problem on the earth being related in some way to the decisions made by these 2 men, never mind the litany of endless medium errors established by them.

We should give them both the credit they have dearly earned.