The Great Depression: Who Was Right, Friedman or Rothbard?

This page accompanies my video “Neocon David Frum Hearts the Fed”:

Click here to read Murray Rothbard’s America’s Great Depression for free, and here to order it from Amazon.

For the predictive powers of Mises vs. Fisher on the Great Depression, see Mark Thornton, “Mises vs. Fisher on Money, Method, and Prediction: The Case of the Great Depression.”

On the Austrian theory of the business cycle, see the business cycle section of our Learn Austrian Economics page.

For free-market responses to David Frum, see:

David Frum on the Gold Standard
Rejoinder to David Frum on the Gold Standard
David Frum, Neoconservative New Dealer
David Frum: Hatchet Man for Ben Bernanke
Ron Paul and the Fed: A Rejoinder to David Frum

See also “Deflation and Depression: Where’s the Link?

For a graph of the money supply, 1929-1938, along with commentary, click here.

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