Liberty Classroom FAQ!

I should have done this from the start, but here goes!

(1) When do your classes start?

They start whenever you want them to! You can download either audio or video according to your preference, and just the lectures you want, or all the lectures. Each lecture (remember to scroll all the way down on the lecture page!) contains links to recommended readings and other resources.

(2) Can I listen to the lectures on my iPod?

Yes! The audio files are all in standard mp3 format. Everything can be viewed or listened to on your various devices.

(3) How long are the lectures?

The length varies. Many are around 30 minutes or so, but others can be as long as 45-55 minutes.

(4) How much is each course?

At Liberty Classroom you don’t pay by course. One low fee — about $8 per month — gets you access to absolutely everything on the site: all the courses (plus additional courses we add in the future), the discussion forums, the optional live sessions, reading suggestions, all of it.

(5) Do you have any free samples?

We intend to add a few soon. In the meantime, you can get the flavor of our lecturers’ styles via these links:

Tom Woods
Kevin Gutzman
Brion McClanahan

(6) I’m a parent. How old do my children have to be to benefit from the resources at Liberty Classroom?

The courses are aimed at the general public, which means high schoolers should be able to follow them without difficulty. We’re available to answer your questions in the discussion forums.

(7) I prefer not to use credit cards. Do you accept other forms of payment?

Yes, alternative forms of payment are available. Contact us and we’ll work things out.

(8) What’s the next course you plan to add?

The equivalent of a year-long course in Austrian (free-market) economics will be available in early summer. Anyone who has an active subscription will be able to view that and any of our courses. Additional courses beyond that one depend on how robust our membership levels are, so please spread the word about us!

New Books by Our Faculty

We’re happy to report that two of our faculty members here at Liberty Classroom have released important and highly regarded books in 2012. Professor Kevin Gutzman released James Madison and the Making of America (St. Martin’s), a featured selection of the History Book Club, to rave reviews. Kirkus calls it “authoritative,” and Edward Lengel, editor-in-chief of the Papers of George Washington, says it “promises to become the standard biography of this great Founding Father.”

Brion McClanahan released an important book of his own this year: The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution, which examines the Constitution clause by clause based on the testimony of the Philadelphia Convention, the Federalist, the state ratifying conventions, and other primary documents.

Congratulations to both!

What our members are saying

Liberty Classroom may end up being the best money I’ve ever spent.

- S.W.

I am incredibly impressed.

- J.W.

Wow! I have always been studious, yet I do not recall learning any of this as a child. I am loving the material.

- R.D.

I now even find myself constantly correcting my own textbooks. This resource is invaluable!

- J.L.

Tom Woods and company should have their heads examined for practically giving away college level lectures on real history.

- Kenn Williamson