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A member writes, “While you were sleeping…. I’ve sat through 9 lectures, covering 4.7 hours, of North American history from the 15th century up through American secession from Britain.  Currently on number 10. May end up being the best money I’ve ever spent.”

He’s watching our U.S. History to 1877. Get access to that, plus U.S. History Since 1877, plus Western Civilization to 1500, and Western Civilization Since 1500, and a 42-lecture course on Austrian (free-market) economics coming in June, plus more courses to be added — as well as discussion forums where you can ask questions of the professors, recommended readings to accompany all lectures, plus a monthly live session with faculty. All this for less than what you’d pay to see a movie every month.

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Seizing Your Money Is Good For You, Citizen: Where Else Would We Get Rainbows and Sunshine?

Yesterday I posted a ten-point critique of the claim that high marginal tax rates on “the rich” are a great idea, since they allegedly worked so well in the past. A reader shared my ten points with a left-liberal friend. I cannot restrain myself from replying to that friend’s criticism.

Be sure to read my original post.

My critic’s words are in italics.


Says the Left: We Were Rich and Awesome When Taxes Were Higher

John Kenneth Galbraith said in 1965 that there was no problem in New York that couldn’t be solved by doubling the city’s budget. By the 1970s the budget had been tripled, and the city’s budget crisis was worse than ever.

That embarrassing moment came to mind when I read this bit of nonsense circulating on the Internet: “In the 1950s and 1960s when the top tax rate was 70-92%, we laid the interstate system, built the Internet, put a man on the moon, defeated Communism, our education system was the envy of the world, our middle class thriving, our economy unparalleled. You want that back? Raise taxes on the rich.”

It is precisely this kind of inanity that Liberty Classroom was created to help people to answer — and not just answer, but smack down mercilessly.

We’ll pursue this topic further on our Forums, but a few preliminary thoughts here.

(1) Via loopholes or outright tax evasion, these tax rates were not paid. (UPDATE: See also this link.)


Note From a Member

A new member of Liberty Classroom writes:

After having sampled only a few of the lectures I am incredibly impressed. I was first made aware of this project at the Austrian Scholars Conference this year when you [Tom Woods] mentioned it and have been eagerly awaiting its launch since then. I spent the entirety of my K-12 life in public schools, so I can say from experience that a resource like this is definitely needed. From what I have seen so far, the lectures are brief enough to be able to maintain the attention of their audience but without sacrificing content. All of the lectures I have watched thus far are full of useful information and present their contents in a clear and concise manner.

See Kevin Gutzman in New York!

Kevin Gutzman, a professor here at Liberty Classroom and author most recently of the acclaimed James Madison and the Making of America, will be speaking at the midtown branch of the New York Public Library (455 Fifth Avenue) tomorrow night at 6:30pm. C-SPAN will be covering the event for later airing.

Check out the U.S. history lectures Kevin has done for us at Liberty Classroom. (You are seconds away from getting access to those and everything else we have!)

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Liberty Classroom may end up being the best money I’ve ever spent.

- S.W.

I am incredibly impressed.

- J.W.

Wow! I have always been studious, yet I do not recall learning any of this as a child. I am loving the material.

- R.D.

I now even find myself constantly correcting my own textbooks. This resource is invaluable!

- J.L.

Tom Woods and company should have their heads examined for practically giving away college level lectures on real history.

- Kenn Williamson