More Feedback from Members

Chad Nelson writes, in an email titled “So pleased…”:

…and I’m only two lectures into the early  colonial history of the US.  I signed up because of my affinity for Dr Woods, and was lukewarm to hearing the other professors.  Not because I doubted their abilities–just because I love and know Woods and his work.  By the time I heard McClanahan’s first two lectures, I was wishing he’d just do the whole course he was so good!  Love the guy already!  Great presentation and such a deep knowledge base and understanding of the subject matter.  I am so excited to rip through these courses it’s not even funny.

Kenn Williamson writes:

Liberty Classroom fills a desperate need in history teaching.  Anyone who wants to learn the true story of American and world history should sign up immediately.  The price is a steal.  Tom Woods and company should have their heads examined for practically giving away college level lectures on real history.

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Liberty Classroom Samples!

Here are some samples of what you can expect as a member of Liberty Classroom. The juicier topics are reserved for members, but these videos give you a sense of the caliber of the faculty and the knowledge you can expect to acquire by listening to the courses.

(You do not need to view the lectures if you prefer mp3 audio files, and any PowerPoints used in the lectures are available to you as stand-alone files for later viewing.)

From Western Civilization to 1500, here’s the introductory lecture:

From Western Civilization Since 1500, here’s “Renaissance Humanism”:

Also from Western Civilization Since 1500, here’s “Absolutism and Mercantilism”:

From U.S. History to 1877, here’s “The Southern Colonies and the Celts”:

From Austrian Economics, Step by Step, here’s an excerpt from “Booms and Busts, Part 2”:

From U.S. History Since 1877, here’s an excerpt from “The Progressive Era”:

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I’d like to have a testimonial section here at Liberty Classroom. Of the hundreds of you who have joined the site in our first two weeks, I’d love to hear from anyone who has had the time to review enough of our material to offer an opinion of it. Just a sentence or two would be great. Please submit them via our Contact page, and let us know if we may use your full name or only your initials.

Thanks so much for your help, and for all the kind words so far!

Members: Have a Glance at the ‘Introduce Yourself’ Thread

A member has started up a thread in which we can all introduce ourselves to each other (if you’re inclined to do so). It’s in the forum for U.S. History to 1877. Head on over and say hello!

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What our members are saying

Liberty Classroom may end up being the best money I’ve ever spent.

- S.W.

I am incredibly impressed.

- J.W.

Wow! I have always been studious, yet I do not recall learning any of this as a child. I am loving the material.

- R.D.

I now even find myself constantly correcting my own textbooks. This resource is invaluable!

- J.L.

Tom Woods and company should have their heads examined for practically giving away college level lectures on real history.

- Kenn Williamson