Our Affiliate Program Just Got More Lucrative

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a special link, just for you, that you could post on Facebook, your blog, etc., and every time someone clicked it and joined Liberty Classroom you got $30? Wouldn’t that be an awesome world to live in?

Guess what: we do live in that world.

As of today, two improvements have been made to our affiliate program:

(1) You get $30 instead of $20 per subscriber your link brings in.

(2) Non-members as well as members can join the affiliate program.

For more information, members of Liberty Classroom should click here, and non-members should click here.

And here’s my 90-second video pitch:

Missed Our Live Session Last Night?

We answered some very interesting questions in our live session last night. Members who missed it can watch the recording. And if you click the “Questions” box (the small box with the lines) you can view all the questions that were asked, and watch just the ones you find interesting.

Our next live session will be in a few weeks, and I’ll be joined by Jason Jewell, our Western civilization professor. Date to be announced!

Tonight: Ask an Austrian Anything!

The great and brilliant Jeffrey Herbener, our economics professor here at Liberty Classroom, will be joining me tonight for another live Q&A session at 9pm ET. Bring your questions!

Our last session, with our U.S. historians, was a blast. View it here. (Non-members can view it here, where I made it available to the general public.)

Not yet a member of Liberty Classroom? Check out the courses you can download (in audio or video format according to your preference) instantly as a member. Not to mention our discussion forums, live sessions, and, for every lecture, recommended and reliable readings. Join us today!

New Book: Forgotten Conservatives in American History

Congratulations to our own Professor Brion McClanahan on the release of his new book, co-authored with Clyde Wilson, called Forgotten Conservatives in American History. Earlier this year, Professor McClanahan released The Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution. He talks about the book here:

Next Live Session, Plus Free Video

As you know, the courses here at Liberty Classroom are available to be downloaded and watched or listened to (according to your preference) whenever you want, but we supplement these with live Q&A sessions. The next live session will take place June 20 at 9pm ET. It will be an “ask an Austrian economist anything” session, featuring Jeffrey Herbener, the economics professor who teaches our “Austrian Economics, Step by Step.” I will be on your screen as well. Save the date, and bring your questions!

These Q&A sessions are open only to current members. If you haven’t yet joined us, now’s the time!

Also, we’ve posted an excerpt of one of Professor Herbener’s lectures from our course. In this lecture, he answers the claims that depressions are caused by pessimism, or falling prices, or a decline in spending, or “sticky prices,” etc. Here it is:

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